Traveling Nepal

Nepal has many faces and offers a wealth of holiday experiences. Around sixty percent of people who visit Nepal each year travel into the mountains for trekking etc. Fourty percent tend to spend their time here on more leisurely pusuits, in a land that has such a heavy mixture of life, proudly preserved

The country lies on a fault line,its fascinating topography has come about by the Indian Sub Continent crashing into the continent of Asia millions of years ago. The result is a huge variety of landscapes, fauna and flora, animals, temples of many religions along with a whole range of ethnic groups, ranging from the dark skinned people who came up from India many centuries ago, to fair skinned mongolian faces who originated from the north in Tibet and beyond.

If there is contrast of the extreme,? then Nepal is certainly up top when it comes to the different types of experience available to travelers. Although it is a small land there is a huge wealth of rich cultural heritage laid down by history and influenced by many great civilisations.The following itineraries have been designed for people who would rather admire the Himalayas from afar, rather than be up there in them,but of course it’s not restricted to that condition.



Kathmandu, Chitwan & Pokhara Tour

The tour combines three of the ingrediants Nepal is known for; namely natural, cultural, and wildlif

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Kathmandu Pokhara River & Wildlife

A wonderful 10-day trip of Kathmandu Pokhara River & Wildlife Tour which combines natural and cu

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Nepal Heritage Tour with Everest Experience Mountain Flight

To give your trip a taste of some adventure and specialty we include mountain flight over the Himala

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Nepal Buddhist Cultural Tour

Any Buddhist tour would be incomplete without a visit to Nepal.This Buddhist Cultural Tour takes you

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Gokyo Ri Everest Base Camp Trek

The trek to Gokyo offers an alternative to the traditional Everest base camp trek  that  takes adv

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